Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - 6 Interview Tips to Increase Chances of Selection


Even the most qualified and smartest of job seekers have to prepare for an interview. This is because there are no second chances. Being called for a job interview means that you are a suitable candidate for a particular position ‘on paper’.

An interview is basically a chance for you to sell yourself and seal the deal. To help you improve your interview skills and boost your chances of success, Angelica Urbas shares some great tips.

# A Killer First Impression Counts

The first 30 seconds of the interview is the most critical and this is when you need to make an impactful first impression. Making an impression refers to your punctuality,  your clothes, body language and everything in between. Make sure to arrive 5-minutes before the scheduled time of the interview to show your sincerity, and make good eye contact and a firm handshake with the interviewer to demonstrate your confidence. These nonverbal impression can be a great beginning or a quick ending to your interview.

# Be Thoroughly Prepared 

Re-read your CV and the job advert properly, before arriving for the interview. You need to do your due diligence, such as going through the website of the company you are interviewing for, checking employee reviews of the company and finding out the salary structure that the company offers.

# Avoid Talking Too Much

You need to practice to calm yourself down so that you can stop yourself from blurting too much. It is important to first properly listen to the interviewer and if need be, take a few moments to gather your thoughts, before venturing to answer. Remember that it is always better to ask for a minute than to go on speaking incessantly, only to regret it later.

# Avoid Being Too Familiar

You have to pay attention and take note of the demeanour of the interviewer. Since this is a professional meeting and you are not there to make a friend, avoid being too familiar. You have to show the equal amount of enthusiasm and energy as the interviewer, but do not overstep.

# Use Proper Language

The interviewer is not your friend and therefore, strictly use professional language throughout the interview. Beware of using any kind of slang words with reference to religion, race, caste, sex, politics or sexual orientation.

# Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When candidates are asked, if they have any question, the answer is usually ‘No’. But, the point of an interview is that both the recruiter and the candidate is able to ascertain each other's temperament to be sure that the position is being filled by the perfect candidate. If you ask appropriate questions to the recruiter, it will show your interest in the working of the company and it will also create an opportunity for you to understand, if this is the right company for you.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can surely enhance your chances of success at your next interview. Angelica Urbas feels that confidence, preparation and knowledge is key to cracking a job interview. 

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas Holidays: 7 Activities to Rejuvenate Your Career


Things you probably never tried on Christmas

Christmas holidays in Nigeria always offer a break away from work. It is perhaps the only time you are permitted to switch into a lazy mode without any remorse.

Of course, there is a need to recharge the brain and body after going for over 300 days working.

However, while we agree that Christmas holidays should be put to very good use by resting, catching up with friends and family and having fun; we believe that’s not all you could do.

There are certain things you can do during Christmas holidays that are fun and would do your career a lot of good.

More at: http://www.jobberman.com/blog/christmas-holidays-7-activities-rejuvenate-career/

Friday, 16 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - The Hardest and Easiest Interview Question


No matter what kind of job you are interviewing for, there is a high probability that you will be asked the question, “Tell me about yourself”. The common belief by most people is that this is hardest question to be asked in an interview. Why? Because there is no definitive answer to it. It is a question that you must practice and be prepared for. For example, what if the question is not asked exactly as, “Tell me about yourself?” It could be phrased in a variety of ways, such as, “Why should I hire you?” or “What makes you stand out among the other applicants?” or “If you had 30 seconds with the CEO, what would you tell him about yourself?”

Every time we meet someone new, no matter where or when in life, we are essentially answering the tell me about yourself question. We need to take those principles and apply them to the interview.

More at: http://www.abetterinterview.com/the-hardest-and-easiest-interview-question/

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - 5 Interview Questions You’re Guaranteed To Be Asked


Everyone always has questions about what interview questions they will be asked. In today’s job market, that is a great thing! Hiring managers and HR professionals want candidates that are fully prepared and are giving the best interview possible.
We tallied our top five interview questions that are asked in various interview types. However, it is important to note, that all questions are asked differently. By this we mean, “Tell me about yourself” versus “How would you describe yourself to a stranger?”. Two different questions, but both looking for similar answers.

In this article, we will discuss behavioral questions, general questions, testing questions, stressful questions and tricky questions.

Behavioral Interview Question

Tell me about a time when something unplanned happened during your day. How did you deal with it?

This kind of question is commonly asked in most interviews regardless of what kind of job. What the interviewer is looking to get out of you, deviously, is to see if you are an organized person. If you are organized, then most unplanned events should be easy to manage. However, emergencies always come up throughout the day and interviewer will really be seeking your ability to multi-task. Even the most organized person will still have unplanned things occur. They will want to hear how you handled them and then how you will in the future. As a bonus, you can also explain the outcome of the unplanned event and how, because of your diligence, everything turned out successful.

More At: http://www.abetterinterview.com/5-interview-questions-youre-guaranteed-to-be-asked-and-their-answers/

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

11 Interview Questions That Trip Everyone Up


According to a small business report, 50 percent of companies in 2016 say that hiring is the toughest challenge they face. With 50 percent of business hiring, this means your dream job awaits. Now, it's time to prepare for the interview questions that trip up even the best of interviewees.

Despite all of your preparations, a job interview is a nerve-wracking experience. To make matters worse, interviewers have numerous questions that can easily trip up the interviewee. These questions are not meant to be malicious. They’re used to get a better understanding of the candidate to make sure that they’re qualified for the job and can be a solid fit for the company’s culture.

More at: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/281597

Monday, 17 October 2016

Friday, 7 October 2016

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

9 Essential Job Interview Tips


I am Angelica Urbas a H.R executive of an I.T company. Here I am going to show a video how to face an interview fruitfully. From my previous experience I would like to say that before attending any interview you should have proper subject knowledge and be confident during interview session. I think this video will make you better understand. After a lot of surfing on the internet I got this video for all of you who are going to face interviews in coming day.