Friday 16 December 2016

Angelica Urbas - The Hardest and Easiest Interview Question


No matter what kind of job you are interviewing for, there is a high probability that you will be asked the question, “Tell me about yourself”. The common belief by most people is that this is hardest question to be asked in an interview. Why? Because there is no definitive answer to it. It is a question that you must practice and be prepared for. For example, what if the question is not asked exactly as, “Tell me about yourself?” It could be phrased in a variety of ways, such as, “Why should I hire you?” or “What makes you stand out among the other applicants?” or “If you had 30 seconds with the CEO, what would you tell him about yourself?”

Every time we meet someone new, no matter where or when in life, we are essentially answering the tell me about yourself question. We need to take those principles and apply them to the interview.

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