Wednesday 18 January 2017

How to dress properly for your next interview: Know from Angelica Urbas


During an interview, nothing can substitute an outstanding resume. However, the right dress also can set you apart from other competitors. Along with it, dressing up in proper way make you more confident. Though, choosing the right attire is a crucial factor for success, most of the candidates do not have adequate idea on it. Here, Angelica Urbas shared few tips which you can follow to get dressed for the next interview.

Dress as per the industry:

Every industry has separate dress codes and you have to follow that while attending an interview. The dress which you will wear on the day of interview in a tech start-up will be completely different from that during a bank interview. Thus, do research on the company you are applying for. Also check if there is any dress code in the organization and choose attire accordingly.

Do not be too casual:

It is true that some organizations do not restrict employees from wearing casual outfits during regular office hour. Even if you are applying for these organizations, then also avoid being too casual at the time of interview. A professional look always reflects your seriousness towards the job.

Be careful about hair do:

It is another thing that requires your special attention at the time of dressing up. You should attend an interview with clean as well as properly brushed hair. Also make sure you are not using any type of hair products too much at the time of interview. For men, gelling your hair excessively or styling it in any distracting way is a big no. For women, avoid too fancy hair clips and any other type of hair accessories.

Apart from dress, be selective for the shoes also. A pair of shiny and formal shoes is perfect for interview. You have to ensure that the shoe is comfortable also so that you can wear for long time.


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