Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Know five mistakes that can ruin your interview from Angelica Urbas


Attending an interview means you are one step closer to getting the job. However, a few mistakes at this time can take you several steps back also. Here Angelica Urbas has pointed out some red flags you should be aware of before attending an interview.

Less/ No research on the company: Not doing adequate research on the company can make you less confident. It also sends a message to the interviewer that you are not serious enough about this job. In this age to internet, collecting information about a business is not a difficult task. Before attending the interview, know what the company does. A quick view on these information will help you to be more prepared.

Negative review about previous employer: It is one of the worst mistakes the people often do while attending an interview. While stating about the previous employers, take all your emotions out and give a professional review. Negative reviews about previous or current behavior reflects that you are neither loyal nor professional. It, in turn, can ruin all your efforts.

Talking too much about personal life: No interviewer is interested to know about your personal life, family, hobby, likes and dislikes. So, talking too much on these at the time of interview is nothing but waste of time. Instead, try to let the interviewer now about all relevant information instead.

Lying about the jobs from where you were fired: If you have fired from any of the previous jobs, do not lie about it. Angelica Urbas considers that the interviewers can easily detect such false statements and it will create a really bad impression about you. Rather, if possible you can avoid saying too much about that job. Otherwise saying the truth will be better.

Checking your mobile frequently is another habit that can affect you a lot. During interview, keep the mobile away from you so that it cannot interrupt anyway.


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