Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Know from Angelica Urbas how to write a perfect CV for your interview


During an interview, a CV speaks the most about you. With a perfect CV, you can stay several steps ahead of other applicants, though most of the job seekers fail to do it. Thus, here some tips from Angelica Urbas are listed. Know these before preparing your first interview.

Add a brief profile section: From a CV, a job seeker gets the first idea about yourself. So, adding a profile section here. Make sure that the section includes your educational background, working experience and skills so that the interviewer gets a clear idea about you. Along with it, you can summarize all the facts in one or two sentences also for making the CV more striking.

Take help from mentor: Instead of listing down all the skills, writing the relevant ones only will be a better idea. To do this, at first know which skills are needed for the job. Then think whether you have those skills or applied those in any of your previous workplaces. When it is done, then start listing down all the skills. If possible, take help from a mentor to prepare the CV perfectly.

Work experience is being vital for graduates: Even if you are a fresher, then also presenting some volunteering or internship experience will make the CV more impactful. Try to join internship or volunteering programs parallel to your college and mention those clearly in your CV.

Research well if you want to work abroad: Some fresh graduates want to work abroad. If you too are one of them, start doing research on the opportunities in foreign countries. Along with large companies, pay attention to the small ones and start-ups also for starting your career.

Finally, you should keep your CV updated always to get attention of recruiters easily.


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