Thursday 18 May 2017

Group Interview Questions and Answers


Group interview questions are often used as an initial screening tool to select candidates for a second, one-on-one job interview.

The types of interview questions are usually general and not specific to the technical aspects of the job opportunity.

The main purpose of group interviews is to determine qualities like communication skills and interpersonal ability, persuasiveness and the ability to influence others, leadership and delegation.

Other competencies assessed during a group interview include problem-solving and planning skills, stress-tolerance and the ability to work and contribute effectively as a team-member.

Expect some debriefing-type questions. These group interview questions will most likely be asked in a group situation after the team exercises have been completed.

What made this team work successfully?

Refer to aspects such as the good use of available resources, the management of obstacles, successful team communication, use of initiative and support and encouragement of each other. Focus on the approach the team took and acknowledge the contributions of individual members.

What was your personal contribution to the team's performance?

Refer to your strengths such as planning and organizing, analyzing and problem-solving. Support your answer with specific examples of how you used these strengths to contribute to the team. What special role did you play and how was your contribution received by the team?

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