Monday, 29 May 2017

The Five Things to Prepare for a Job Interview


There's a lot more to a successful job interview than looking right and having a nice resume. You must be prepared with a background on the company's history, mission and brand and information about the specific job position. You must be ready to answer a lot of challenging questions and prepare anecdotes if necessary. Arrive early to have time for a little deep breathing to decompress before the interview.

Interview Answers

Look at the kinds of questions job interviewers tend to ask and compose answers to them. Some of the top questions include: Tell me about yourself; why did you leave your old job; why do you want this job; what are your strengths and weaknesses and tell me about a time when there was a conflict, problem, crisis, and how you handled it. Research the company and prepare a positive, pro-company answer about why the job appeals to you. Some possible job interview questions are listed on Monster.

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