Monday 14 August 2017

What Are The Ways To Ensure That Your Next Interview Goes Well


We have all been at interviews which had outcomes ranging from successful to almost there, to complete disasters. A successful interview might have gotten you your existing or most recent job. Yet when you went for another interview, the nerves might have gotten the better of you. It is completely natural as interviews are not generally the easiest situations. There is a lot at stake for the employer too, who is trying to make a difficult decision on whether to hire you. Apart from following basic etiquette and representing your best self, there are a lot of factors that can determine the success of an interview. 

Regardless of how many interviews you have been to during your life, there is always a chance of losing your composure. Interviewers or hiring managers are there to test the resolve of candidates with difficult questions. You have to be prepared for such situations, and ace them in order to crack the interview. Career consultant Angelica Urbas is a notable professional who helps candidates across industries improve their interview skills. She has some vital interview tips that can help you in your next interview. 

Interview Tips To Help You Get That Job

1. Keep yourself calm - This is one of the essential interview tips that cannot be overlooked. It is important to stay calm from the moment you enter the building, let alone the interview room. Interviewers instantly build negative impressions of candidates who look out of place and nervous. 

2. Be confident in your abilities - If you weren’t confident, you would not have applied for the job in the firsts place. However, many people tend to lose that glimmer of confidence upon entering the interview room. This backfires and an opportunity that looked promising slips out of hand. When you go in for an interview, in your mind you have to be completely confident. Know that you have the skills they are looking for, and be confident in your abilities. 

3. Body language basics - The basic rules of confident body language must be followed. Always maintain a good stature and avoid slouching at any point during the interview. Look your interviewer in the eyes directly, but not in the aggressive manner of a showdown. Keep your voice clear and precise, and try to smile just a little bit. These small things are the ones that can actually be the difference makers. 

4. Never be cocky - There is a thin line between good confidence and unappealing cockiness. The latter has adverse effects and can disqualify candidates instantly. Be sure of your abilities and skills, and try to project them confidently. At the same time, do not have the mentality that you are doing them a favor. You are not and they are, by giving you a chance to be a part of their organization. 

These are a few vital tips that can help you from making your interview a successful one. As always, even the most successful interviews cannot guarantee jobs, as employers today consider a lot of other factors. But those are not within your control. From a candidate's standpoint, following the above rules can make the difference. 


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